A transmale couple made up of the incubator, Dylan, and his incredible partner Chris. We're ready to start our family, regardless of what the world puts in our place.


I took a test to confirm what I already knew- that we weren’t pregnant from our last try. I don’t know what made me do it but I guess I’m a glutton for punishment, because seeing that little empty white box has got me pretty down. :(

I have never wanted to get my period so badly. 

This is seriously the worst waiting game ever!! Literally as soon as my period comes, we’ll know roughly how my cycle wants to work and then we can start trying. I JUST WANT TO BE PREGNANT ALREADY UGHH

I need to get nathan to look at this, because I may need him to build this. Oh my goodness. 

I need to get nathan to look at this, because I may need him to build this. Oh my goodness. 

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This is literally all I can think about. 

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Thank you!! :D

Donor news!!!

WE FOUND OUR DONOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’d had two people we know personally in mind for a donor. Our first choice is a close friend of my partner and our roommate’s… and when Chris talked to him today, he said yes immediately. I am SO EXCITED!!!

He’s perfect. He’s Chris’s exact height and skin tone. They work together and people constantly confuse them for one another at work. (They don’t look all that much alike tbh, in my opinion anyway, but enough that I’m happy about it.)

This means that as soon as I figure out when I’m ovulating, we can start trying. 


We found someone who knows donors in our area who meet our criteria!

holy crap.


So, we had an “oops” about a month ago which for a moment there looked like it would result in a baby. No luck (both unfortunately and fortunately, I’ll explain another time) but for the 4 or so days we were thoroughly convinced we were pregnant, we came up with names for our first child. We still plan on using one of these names for our first.

If we have a boy, he will be named Paxton Elijah.

If we have a girl, her name will either be Quinnley AnneCoralee Iris, or Ryleigh Astrid.

Our last name is Christiano (kris-tee-AHH-no) which is a total bitch to try and pair names with. The including of “Leigh/Lee” in the girl’s names is to show homage to my mother and the family tradition of naming your first daughter after someone else in the family. My birth middle name was my great-grandmother’s name. Leigh is my mom’s middle name. It works.

In any case I would LOOOOOOOOOVE to hear feedback about our name choices!! 

Finding a sperm donor is seriously the hardest thing. I can not find the life of my find a black donor who fits our needs who isn’t anonymous. Struggling so hard right now. 

I’m going to ask Chris to talk to his cousin about the possibility of donating to us. We know two, maybe three people that we could ask here, but they all have mental health or behavioral issues that concern us. We can’t decide if this is a nature-over-nurture thing or not. Honestly though, I think I’m going to ask Chris to bite the bullet and ask his friend Carl. He says Carl is faaaaaaaaaaaaaar too crazy to trust his genetics, but I don’t really feel like we have a lot of options. I guess I’ll wait ‘til Chris talks to Chase first and we find out what he says. I’m not super confident, both because idk how Chase will feel about it and because and because he’s stationed in Alaska right now… sooooo that makes donation and conception a little rough. 

This is so fucking stupidly hard ugh