A transmale couple made up of the incubator, Dylan, and his incredible partner Chris. We're ready to start our family, regardless of what the world puts in our place.



I swear if I squint right I can see a shadow of a line but I think I may be fooling myself

I want to wait two days before I test again so I don’t go crazy but I’ll lose my shit tomorrow morning if I don’t so idunno


3 of the girls in my year at Hollins that I was close with are pregnant.

I’m trying so hard not to be upset/jealous/annoyed/sorry for myself

Anyone who gets a seemingly random follow from dylanthedestr0yer — that’s my main! Just a heads up. :)

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I wish the best of luck to you guys! Hope everything works out! :) <3 xX

Thank you! <3

So we inseminated yesterday, via softcup, in a Chick-fil-a bathroom which I found hilariously ironic. I can’t decide if I actually feel hopeful or not this cycle. We’ll see I guess…

I swear I’m going to strangle our donor

He fucking doesn’t answer my texts all god damn day and then finally texts me back half a god damn hour ago to let me know that something came up and he can’t donate today.

I’m trying so hard not to be pissed off because I understand that this doesn’t matter as much to him but like… mother FUCKER. Why wouldn’t you text me earlier?! There’s nothing that pressing happening, your house is being fumigated. You could have gotten back to me at ANY point today to say that, and maybe then I could have called our back up guy. Now it’s 9pm and what the fuck am I supposed to do?

I’m trying so hard to stay calm but I want to pitch a fit and throw things and scream like a child

Ooh, in the same vein though, we have an alternate insemination plan this month! One of my biggest concerns was the drive from our donor’s house aaaaaalllll the way back to hours- almost 45 minutes. That’s a long time to keep that sample warm and hope everything’s still swimming by the time we get home!

After some thought and discussion with some wonderful ladies on /r/tryingforababy and /r/plussizedpregnancy on Reddit, we’ve come up with a solution: softcups. You know, like the diva cup? Those little diaphragm like things that some women use on their period? They’re little cups that sit right under your cervix and catch all your menses and whatnot (ew). But in this case, we’re loading them up with sperm and Pre-seed and then wearing it! It keeps the still-fresh sample right AT my freaking cervix. No need to worry about major leakage or accidentally scraping myself with a syringe (ow). I can’t believe we didn’t think of it sooner! A few ladies on the other TTC boards I’m on have done this as opposed to the syringe method and they say it worked for them, so I figure, why not?!

Anyway, just figured I’d pass this idea on to anyone who might need it. 

My fucking body is a fucking troll and I am so angry

I’m on CD18 and I got my a positive OPK tonight. Usually I don’t ovulate until CD22-25. I am not prepared for this!

I was hopeful to hit several days in our window this time around. FF was predicting I’d ovulate around CD24, and I was going to be staying near my donor from CD20-25 so I’d be able to see him every day or every other day. It was all perfectly worked out. And now my body goes and pulls this shit.


In any case, I’m going to see him in the morning and I’m going to keep testing and see how long this surge lasts, I’m hoping I don’t actually ovulate until thursday but we’ll see. Either way I’m hitting him at LEAST wednesday and thursday. 2 days in our window is better than last month, at least, and gives us a fighting chance.

Fingers crossed.